MMM - Built to increase court utilisation

ManageMyMatch is a community based platform energising racket sport participation

We are driven by our desire to increase court utilisation for the future of all racket sports

Increased participation through Community

ManageMyMatch brings clubs closer together and creates new opportunities through the use of common systems, processes and practices.

Integrated Club Management System

ManageMyMatch delivers an automated club management system that is fully integrated with best in class tools and services.

Membership Management

  • Flexible membership categories

  • Automated member communications

  • Engaging club events

  • Secure automated cashless payments

  • Full GDPR compliance


Automate your membership management with MMM

Automate your membership management with MMM

Total Club Management

Once your members are registered, unlock a world of opportunity and efficiency with Total Club Management


Configure events for members from box leagues, ladders, club nights and tournaments to socials, team matches and ticketed events.

Court Bookings

Use our powerful booking engine to enhance member experience with match invites, split the court fee by default.

Automatic Lighting

Integrate our intelligent lighting module to save costs and control the lights direct from the booking schedule. Members can activate the lights from the club kiosk or web app.

Door Security

Our MMM integrated door security system allows any paid up fob carrying member or maintenance staff member into the facility. Members of multiple MMM clubs only carry one fob.

Cashless Bar

Imagine a fully cashless bar experience by transacting via your membership fob. Apply member discounts to drinks and food.

Club Kiosks

The MMM Kiosk is a 24” touch screen with contactless fob login. Use it to turn on the lights, book a court or enter an event.

Smart Court Clocks

The MMM smart court clocks indicate how much playing time is left on the booking or during events, who is playing and the current score.

Live Scoring and Streaming

During tournament or exhibition events, live score matches and publish a video feed with embedded score overlay for maximum engagement.

Rating System

Crucial for tournament and league organisers, provides automatic matching of suitable opponents for friendlies.

Management Reporting

Choose from a wide range of reporting tools including Financial, Court Usage, Member Engagement and more.

Member Accounts

Seamless, automated member credit accounts, with the option to fully offload liability responsibility to MMM.

Court pricing

Flexible court pricing policies based on membership category, booking purpose and event context.


We offer GDPR compliant control and management complete with parental and guardian consent management.


Use MMM to set up shared club events, welcome non-members and benefit from integrated engagement with your county leagues.

Multi Sport

We've got you covered for Squash, Tennis, Badminton, Padel and more, including Gym & Studio bookings if required.

Member Engagement

MMM's API has deep integration with Mailchimp, allowing targeted, smart messaging to members and non members alike.


Set up individual or group coaching schemes catering for the needs of both independent and in-house coaches. Set fees and bulk discount schemes and collect automatically.


Set your inter club teams up and allow captains to manage team finances and organise training sessions. Our county league management feature allows automatic scheduling and booking of all your matches.


Partner with us to grow your membership. We have a systemised process to attract and bring in new players in your area with a common, integrated marketing approach.

Variable Fees

Our fees are based on membership and turnover allowing clubs of all sizes to make our proposition financially compelling. We provide full transparency of fee accruals and collect completely automatically.

Total Member Engagement

A full suite of useable tools enabling member engagement and satisfaction

Automated Payments

For courts, event participation & memberships

Transfer between clubs and friends

Financial Control

Secure, automated card transactions

Club credit account facility


Between individuals, competitors and organisers

Receive personalised notifications


Find and book with players of similar ability

Instant booking capability for pre-arranged matches

Event Participation

Sign in or out, score matches, review draws and leagues. Buy into socials or coaching programmes

Match scoring app

Mobile Friendly

Smart screens on all form factors

Android & iOS apps


Book individual coaching lessons

Sign up for and participate in group sessions

Teams & Groups

Sign up for team matches, sessions and club nights

Book courts for group events


Integrate bookings with your personal calendar

Receive booking reminders

Account Management

Family groups

Junior subaccounts & consent management

One account for all your clubs


Buy online, pay monthly options, trial offers

Family memberships and group accounts


Review performance in past events and friendlies

Inter club player ratings

Total Support

We are with you every step of the way from implementation to ongoing support

  • Three implementation packages - Gold, Silver & Bronze
  • Implementation process - we have a proven, managed process for migrating your club from old to new
  • Member engagement - guidance on how to prepare and manage members experiences and expectations
  • Member transition - legacy system imports and dedicated screens to manage and monitor member transition
  • Member balance transfer - fully automated member balance transfer process
  • Direct contact - we use Slack to allow you to have instant access to our team at all times during the implementation process
  • Club support - Extensive how to articles and best in class ticketing system ensures your queries are always answered quickly and reliably
  • Member support - Online help for users and onscreen access to our support team at all times

Why are we different?

We're taking a holistic approach - considering the benefits of increased participation for every stakeholder group and bringing them all together into a cohesive platform

our approach

Created by software engineers

“I began creating ManageMyMatch for fun because there was no solution out there that did everything that clubs need. Now I am very proud of what my idea led to.”
Dominic Thwaites, Co-founder


Driven by sports enthusiasts

“Technology and sport are at the intersection of my life's passions. Being able to combine them to drive increased participation and court utilisation is a dream come true.”
Alex Preston, Co-founder

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